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Subject areas: Druidry, spirituality


Books Published:

Living Druidry (Piatkus 2004)

Ritual (HarperCollins, 2000).

Spirits of the Sacred Grove (HarperCollins, 1998, reissued 2001 as Druid Priestess)

Principles of Druidry (HarperCollins, 1998, reissued 2000 in the First Directions series)  


Emma Restall Orr is a spiritual teacher and priestess with the highest profile of any Druid in the world today. She is a spokesperson for Druidry in the media as head of the international Druid Network, Chief of the Order of the Yew, and former Joint Chief of the British Druid Order. She teaches courses worldwide, and lectures at universities and conferences on Druidry, environmentalism, healing, and women's spirituality. Emma's television appearances include Desperately Seeking Something (C4), Heaven and Earth (BBC1), Leviathan (BBC2), Sunday Night (ITV), The Agony Hour (C5), Pagan's Progress (BBC and Australian TV), Sleeping with the Enemy (BBC2), Fortean TV Xmas Special (C4), Secrets of the Stones (C4), Lost Civilizations (C4), The Unexplained (A&E in the USA), The Real Merlin (C4), and numerous regional news/current affairs shows, including GMTV and BBC breakfast shows. She has also featured on many radio programmes promoting her books, talking about Druidry, her interfaith work, and the Stonehenge debates, in Britain, Europe, the USA, and Australia. She has been profiled in the press in the UK and internationally, including the Guardian, Daily Mail, and various health and lifestyle magazines.